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Facebook-PhotoOn Sunday, June 18th, at 12:30 pm Hope held its bi-annual Voter’s meeting in the church sanctuary. Two items were voted on and passed unanimously by the 51 voters present:

1. Council slate starting 1 July 2017

President Steve Wacker (new)
Vice-President Rex Bayman
Treasurer Steve Plummer (new)
Secretary Sue Cashman

Worship Ken Johnson (new)
Learn Pam Lagoc
Serve Jenny Erber
Seek Tami Alexander (new)
Administration George Schroeder

2. 2017 – 2018 Budget

Please keep Hope’s Council members, especially new members, in your prayers.

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The next voters’ meeting is coming up soon, so please join us April 2 at 12:15 pm.

The agenda includes:

Approval of the names of nominees to be forwarded to SED President

Approval of  the new Call Committee membership

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Hope Lutheran will have a Voter’s Meeting on Sunday, April 2, at 12:30pm to approve the names of nominees to be forwarded to SED President and to approve the new Call Committee membership.


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Hope Lutheran Church
Voters Meeting
December 6, 2015 12:30 PM

1. Call to Order and Welcome
Mike Davis called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone

2. Opening Prayer
Pastor Cofer opened the meeting in prayer

3. Recognition of New Voting Members
Mike Davis discussed the requirements as stated in the Constitution: a voting member must be a communicant member for the ast 60 days and over the age of 18. There were no congregants asking to be recognized as voting members at this time

4. State Meeting Agenda
Mike Davis went over the agenda for the meeting (see presentation)

5. Present Ministry Team Leaders
Mike Davis presented the proposed ministry team leaders (see presentation)
He asked for discussion (none)
He asked for volunteers for the open positions (none)
It was moved and seconded to approve the ministry team leaders. This was approved unanimously

6. Mid-year Financial Update
Tim Speckman presented our mid-year financial status (see presentation). There were no questions

7. Parking Lot Update
Mike Davis presented an update on parking lot improvements (see presentation)
We are currently under contract to begin Phase I (the front section of the lot). This includes repair, resurfacing, and restriping
There was a discussion about the rationale behind the restriping and it was explained that even though we lose four spaces due to the slanted striping, the traffic flow will be safer and easier, especially with the school drop-off and pick up
We are looking for other ways to fund Phase II of this project (see presentation)

8. New Business
There was a question about the status of our call for a new senior pastor
Mike reported that he had spoken with Bob Strait of the call committee, and they have not heard anything yet

9. Closing
Mike asked for and received a motion and second to adjourn the meeting. This was unanimously approved. Pastor Cofer then lead us in a closing prayer

There were 49 voting members present

Submitted by:
Sue Cashman

Mike Davis

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President Mike Davis has called a Voters Meeting for Sunday, Dec. 6 after late service (approximately 12:15 pm).

The agenda for the meeting includes:

1. Approve the slate of Ministry Chairmen – VOTE
2, A mid-year financial update – discussion and
3. An update on the state of the parking lot – discussion

All congregant members are invited to attend and encouraged to participate.

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By Sara Kopko-Morton

- Michael and Kari Ziegler were welcomed as the newest voting members.
- The FY2015 Budget was discussed and unanimously approved.
- The following new Council positions were unanimously elected. Thank you to Sue Cashman, secretary, Pam Lagoc, Learn at large, and George Schroeder, Admin at large, for serving Hope!
- Details and plans were discussed for the retirement of Pastor Nieting in June 2015 and the Call Process to follow.
- “The Story” will be our Ministry focus beginning in September 2014.

There were 50 voting members in attendance.

Detailed minutes are available in the Main Office.

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By: Chris Taylor

We will have a Voters Meeting on Monday, Dec. 2, at 7pm. The agenda will consist of the following: Approval and Reaffirmation of Ministry Team Leaders, Providing Collateral for Chesapeake Community of Hope (CCOH) Loan, Stewardship Drive Outbrief, Southeastern District and Hope Lutheran Church Outreach Vision, and current Treasurer’s Report.

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By Sara Kopko-Morton

There were 55 voting members in attendance. The following congregants asked to be recognized as voting members: James West, Paul Winslow, Kevin Dippery, Vince Riccio, and Caroline White. The vote was unanimous to accept them as voting members.

Pastor Cofer updated the congregation on the discipleship visioning process.

Rodger Stein presented the 2013-2014 Budget proposal. This was voted on and approved unanimously.

The following ministry team leaders were presented and approved unanimously: Adult Ministry-Paul and Kim Winslow and Public Relations-Jim Hoeft.

The following Council slate was presented and approved unanimously: President-Chris Taylor, Treasurer-Tim Speckman, Ever Sharing-Vince Riccio, and Ever Serving-Jim West.

Detailed minutes of this meeting are available in the Hope office or by e-mailing Council Secretary, Sara Kopko-Morton:

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By: Pat Plemmons

June 24, 2013 (Monday) @ 7:00pm

The agenda items are:

* 2013-2014 Budget approval (Copy of budget proposal can be viewed in the church office.)

*Presentation & Approval of New Council Slate: President: Chris Taylor; Treasurer: Tim Speckman; Members-at-Large: Ever Sharing: Vince Riccio; Ever Serving: Jim West

* Update on the Discipleship Planning Process

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By Sara Morton

There were 82 voting member in attendance. The following congregants asked to be recognized as voting members: Ken Johnson, Tara Johnson, Melinda Fisa, Michael Fisa, Ryan Mulske, Chris Eller, Janet Gross, Pam Lugoc, David Kern, and Sam Vess.  The vote was unanimous to accept them as voting members.

All Ministry Team Leaders were approved and reaffirmed for their positions.

Pastor Cofer presented the discipleship visioning process.

Rodger Stein presented the current budget picture.

The process to find and pay for a Youth Director was discussed.

Detailed minutes of this meeting are available in the Hope office or by emailing Council Secretary Sara Morton at

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