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By: Steve Plummer

The Knights of Hope is our men’s group. We meet the second Saturday of each month at 8am in the fellowship hall. All men, 18 or older, are welcome to join us. For more information, see any member wearing our shirt or Steve Plummer.

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Begins Sunday, Sept. 15, 9:45am

 (1) “When Christianity Clashes With Culture” (Chaplain Oswald-Fellowship Hall)

(2) Women’s Class ~ Jesus, One and Only (Pam Nieting-Fellowship Hall)

(3) New Member Class (Pastor Cofer-Main 1)

(4) Young Adult Class-Not a Fan (Rick Natalello-Main 2)

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By: Alison Hernandez

Hope’s Bell Choirs will resume rehearsals in September!

Adult Handbell Choir: Rehearsals will begin Thursday, Sept. 19, at 7pm in the Music Room. New ringers are needed.

Youth Handbell Choir (Grades 6—12): Rehearsals are tentatively set for 6:15pm on Wednesdays but will not begin until late October or early November due to First Communion classes.

Children’s Handbell Choir (Grades 2—5): Rehearsals are tentatively set for 6:45pm on Wednesdays beginning Sept. 18.

Please contact Alison Hernandez: if interested.

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By: Steve Plummer

The Knights of Hope will meet at the church on Saturday, Sept. 14, at 8am for our monthly meeting. We will meet in the fellowship hall for breakfast. There will be a short devotion and a very interesting video from Lutheran Ministries for Men. We invite all men, age 18+, to join us.

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By Camelia Eid

Enjoy this wonderful opportunity at Hope Lutheran Language School.

We offer a ten- week introductory course; a great opportunity to explore and learn Arabic and Hebrew. Along the period of this course, students will be able to learn basic communication skills. Those skills will be utilized during class sessions by allowing the students to conduct simple conversations with their peers as well as their teacher.

In addition, students will be able to decode and then acquire reading skills while at the same time they will be able to learn basic vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar.  At this stage of the learning process, writing will be introduced in order to enhance and improve the students’ reading ability and their learning experience.

The four skills required for the acquisition of a new language: reading, writing, interpreting, and speaking- will be implemented in class to make sure the students are exposed to any challenge presented by the learning of a new language. For this same purpose, a variety of teaching methods will be used in class in order to cater to each student’s strengths and ability, while never forgetting the fun side of learning a new language. 

Keeping in mind that languages are a window to the cultures where they are spoken, Hebrew and Arabic will be taught in context of the cultures they represent. Technology turned the world into a small global village and so more people turn to learning language in order to help them understand and appreciate other cultures. We would love to have you in our class! For more information please contact Mrs. Camelia Eid (E-mail:

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You are invited to the following sessions sponsored by Stephen Ministry. All sessions start at 6:30pm at Hope Lutheran Church.

August 26: Presentation on Depression; Guest Presenter: Amy Riccio

Sept. 9: Presentation on Long Term Care and Aging

October 14: Presentation on Pregnancy, Childbirth and Post-Partum Issues

These presentations are open to the congregation and anyone else interested.

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Sundays @ 9:45am

NEW MEMBER CLASS: The Christian Faith through Luther’s Small Catechism

       Perhaps you are new to Christianity. Perhaps you are new to the Lutheran Church. Maybe you’re just new to Hope. Or maybe it’s been “forever” since you opened your Catechism. In any case, join us starting June 9 for what we CALL the “new member class.” Pastor Nieting will be the teacher, along with a few guest instructors. If you have questions, call him at 635-4046 or e-mail him at


     It’s certainly not “PC” to think of someone being spiritually “lost,” is it? Yet around each of us are countless people who matter deeply to God but don’t know Him or His plan of salvation. They are lost and in danger of eternal separation from God. It may well be that YOU are God’s main hope for their eternal salvation. How do we “cultivate” in ourselves a true “heart for the loss?” Pastor Cofer will lead this class. If you have questions on what this is about, call him at 424-4848 or e-mail him at

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By: Steve  Plummer

The Knights of Hope is our church men’s group. We meet the second Saturday morning of each month here at church for devotion, breakfast and fellowship from 8:30 to 9:30am.  All men, 18 & older, are invited to join. For more information see Steve Plummer or a member of the Knights of Hope.

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By: Steve Plummer


If you are currently, have been or would like to be a member of the Knights of Hope, or simply want to receive e-mails about what we are doing, please e-mail your name and address to Steve Plummer at: I have recently switched carriers and no longer have the old distribution list.

It is also time for our annual shirt purchases. If you are interested in a shirt, please e-mail me your name, shirt size and color preference. Color choices are traditional black, white and new this year red. Cost is $35 per shirt. Please pay by check and give to Pat Plemmons or Steve Plummer. You can also leave your check in our box in the church office.

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Sweets for the Sweet

LWML Bake Sale

Sunday, February 10 (between services)

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