Worshiping altogether


“Bad things always seem to happen when someone’s gone,” said Chaplain Tim Oswald in this week’s sermon. In his case, it was when he deployed and there always seemed to be a mouse in the house!

But when Jesus ascended to Heaven, He gave us some instruction for what we should do while He’s away and until He comes again.

1. Watch out for deceivers. Make sure you’re hearing the Truth…not what we want to hear.
2. Be on your guard. As Christians, we will have to bear witness to Christ. And the Gospel must be preached to all nations. There will be persecution.

“We’ve been spared so much of that in the United States, haven’t we?” he asked. “But you can see what is happening in places like where ISIS controls Christians and you can see what’s coming here! It’s not that far now; it’s building up momentum.”

3. Stand firm in your faith. And,
4. “Let us not forsake the assembly of ourselves together.” (Hebrews 10:25) In other words, don’t forget about church! Don’t go golfing. Don’t take your kids to baseball. Don’t spend time on your boat.

“Going to church is not an option; it’s not something you do when you feel like it,” he stated. “It’s something He [God through St. Paul, the presumed author of Hebrews] commanded us to do!”

Listen to all of Chaplain Oswald’s message:

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