By Sara Kopko-Morton

There were 55 voting members in attendance. The following congregants asked to be recognized as voting members: James West, Paul Winslow, Kevin Dippery, Vince Riccio, and Caroline White. The vote was unanimous to accept them as voting members.

Pastor Cofer updated the congregation on the discipleship visioning process.

Rodger Stein presented the 2013-2014 Budget proposal. This was voted on and approved unanimously.

The following ministry team leaders were presented and approved unanimously: Adult Ministry-Paul and Kim Winslow and Public Relations-Jim Hoeft.

The following Council slate was presented and approved unanimously: President-Chris Taylor, Treasurer-Tim Speckman, Ever Sharing-Vince Riccio, and Ever Serving-Jim West.

Detailed minutes of this meeting are available in the Hope office or by e-mailing Council Secretary, Sara Kopko-Morton: SMorton102@gmail.com.

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