Sermon: Sent By the Gospel

April 26, 2015

Let me tell you the story of a man whose whole world was destroyed by grace.  He was a successful man, a rising star in his field.  He was a friend of powerful people.  He had a top-notch education, he … Continue reading

From the Pastor: What’s THE STORY I keep hearing about?

Let’s face it, we KNOW we’re supposed to have Family Devotions! Most of us in the “I walked 5 miles up-hill in the snow barefoot” generation grew up using Portals of Prayer or Eggermeier’s Bible Stories each evening around the … Continue reading

News: Hope Weekly Announcements

Red Cross Blood Drive is at Hope on Wednesday, May 20, from 1 to 6pm. Please take a few minutes out of your day and give the gift of life. To sign up, call 424-4848 or e-mail: SUNDAY MORNING … Continue reading